sermon-based LIFE Groups

Sermon-Based LIFE Groups are small groups of people gathering in homes or other places to dive deeper into the Word together with the past week’s sermon in mind. Since we believe personal and spiritual growth occurs in smaller groups, the study is not a rehashing of the previous message, but instead a diving deeper into the text taught and/or other parallel texts that complement and support the message from Sunday. One of the great tragedies of the American Christian is too many messages and too little life change in any given week. A majority of our LIFE Groups are sermon-based by design.

Here is a link to the Preaching Ministry page to download sermon notes, LIFE Group questions and sermon audio files. You can also look there for past weeks resources.

FALL SESSION is from 9/10/17 – 11/18/17

LIFE Groups are how we help each other faithfully follow Jesus as our One True King on the Journey of life together as He calls us to…

Experience Grace
Practice Community
Be the Church




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Here is the Passion Assessment from our LIFE Group study on Spiritual Gifts.

Here is the Spiritual Gifts Assessment test built right into our website for you to use to begin the discovery process. This is not an exhaustive assessment, but like every other tool, it is a good start.

Here is a Spiritual Pathway assessment as yet one more tool to get to know how God created you.

Here is one Personality Assessment or here is the Myers-Briggs for you to take to learn more about your personality. Contact Pastor Henry for a guide to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your personality after taking one of the online tests.

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