GU – Grace University

Grace University (GU) is designed for kids 3 years old through 6th grade. It is during the message time for those parents wishing to use it. We do not offer GU on communion Sundays (the first Sunday of the month) so that families can be together on that Sunday and so that GU leaders can take communion with their Church family. We do offer “Busy Bags” for children during the message time as an option for parents. The door for GU is located in the West end of the Sanctuary.

We are excited that our Theme verse for this year is John 14:6.  Please help them with memorization.  This fall the focus will be the 10 Commandments and doing things God’s way. 

New for GU this fall is that the children will be excused for GU AFTER fellowship time.  If you have children attending, please have them enjoy snack with you and your family and then enter the GU room after the call back song.  Thank you for your attention in helping with this new change.

Kids of Grace Nursery is available for kids 0-3 years old and is located in the back near the GU room.

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