A Serene Heart

“A serene heart can add years to one’s life;
    but jealous passion rots the bones.”  ~ Proverbs 14:30 from the Voice

So this was what struck me this morning as I was reading from Proverbs 14 on May 14th. At first I was wondering “What does serene mean? It sounds peaceful and mellow. I am not sure that is where my heart is right now…” But before I could look up “serene” on the dictionary app on my phone, this was the study note/commentary in my Bible right after the verse…

“The wrong kind of passion can be a dangerous thing. Too often people are ruled by strong emotions, thoughts that cannot be checked, and actions that cannot be controlled. If that’s the case, then you are putting your life and well-being in jeopardy. Peace of mind, tranquility of soul, and serenity of heart become the recipe for a long, happy life.”

If you know me at all, then you know I can become very passionate about many topics. This is now the second time in a week I have “heard” this message. It is not wrong for me to be passionate, but I am not to be ruled by my emotions. If there is one emotion to be ruled by, it is sacrificial love as modeled by Jesus and taught throughout Scripture.

When I think of peace and serenity, I think back to my first ever sabbatical in 2015. I took the photo above and it is the background on my work computer at the office. I can get lost some days just looking at that photo and remembering waking up that morning, drinking coffee, reading Scripture, praying with a new friend, then fishing with that same friend and coming back with a great catch.

On earth, water brings me serenity. But no longer having my eyes set only on this earth, I am learning to also let my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ bring me a peace that only He can bring to any and every situation.

I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.” ~ Jesus (from John 14:27 NLT)

So where do you look for peace in your life? Can I honestly ask you “How’s that working for you?” What rules your mind and emotions? If it’s not a serene heart, may I introduce you to my very best friend… Jesus?

Until next time… Follow the King!  ~Pastor Henry, DRBOBF

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  1. Pastor Henry, lately I have been ruled by my emotions. I do know that those emotional break downs can give me peace, once I see what the work of Jesus Christ. It’s hard though. This is my first spring in 2 years and I feel like I am cleansing my heart. Serenity I am seeking. Please pray for my struggles, that I call upon the Lord for peace of mind. Amen.

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