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  1. Thank you so, so much for this encouragement and rich truth! I am currently reading your book on the conversations every Christian parent must have with their kids, really enjoying it. My older brother denied God’s existence as a teenager after learning about evolution in school and going to my dad, denouncing the faith, and receiving nothing in response on my dad’s behalf. I pray the Lord continually stirs up in me a desire to have these hard conversations with my children and not disregard their burning questions about God’s existence and following Christ. I have been a wee bit frantic looking for ways to make Easter rich in my son’s heart and mind- and all I’m running into are resurrection crafts and baking and toys! I’m going to read this blog post with my kindergartner today, and ask him if he has questions. Thank you for taking the time to write this post. I’ll stop looking an the resurrection eggs on Amazon now ? Oh, and all I remember from Easter when I was a kid was 1) Easter dress 2) Easter egg hunt 3) Easter basket full of toys and candy. That is it. That’s messed up. Alas, I know even if my parents spoke of the incredible resurrection of our Savior year after year, as a kid I could have just not payed attention. Anyhow. Thank you again.

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