our purpose, mission & vision

The purpose of Grace Community Church of Olivia, Minnesota, is…

Sharing God’s Unconditional Grace and His Uncompromising Truth.


Our purpose fuels our mission… which is simply to live up to our name… Grace Community Church. A place of Grace – without compromising the Truth. A Church for the Community – not an island for those who attend. And a local Church – a Gathered Body of Believers that furthers the Gospel of Jesus Christ and makes disciples of Jesus who make disciples who make disciples – not a weekly event that is simply a spectator sport.

To sum it up, we are growing towards becoming a church where you can Experience Grace, Practice Community, and Be the Church.

The Elders are currently working on a Vision Story. “Don’t you mean a vision statement?” No, I mean a Vision Story – a travel brochure if you will – of where we sense God is currently leading us as a Church and what He is calling us to. After an Elder retreat, we came together with the sense that it might be okay to, when someone asks us the question, “What’s our vision as a church?” to simply respond with, “let’s grab a cup of coffee and sit down a minute with me… and let me tell you a story of what God is doing at Grace…”

Welcome to Grace!


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